Adöksan values cultural, gender and national diversity. Majority of senior management is educated or has work experience in Europe, many are fluent in English and German.

Regardless of position, Adöksan adheres competence based selection and recruiting procedure adequate for the position, for employing personnel for the group companies. The selection and recruitment system favors team-minded people who embrace and protect company values and have high potential to improve self and his/her job. You can reach our vacancies at this page. All applications through this portal are forwarded to the HR department. Having been scrutinized, the resumes are evaluated for suitable positions and all applicants receive a feedback. All selection and recruitment processes in all group companies are carried out according to the same standards. When assessing applications; besides qualifications as per the requirements of the position such as education, experience and language proficiency, also personal skills are determinant for the selection. Adöksan uses validity/reliability proven scientific selection and assessment tools for recruiting new colleagues.

At Adöksan, the HAY (job evaluated salary) salary management system is employed. This system is a job description based job evaluation and salary determination method, which is applied regardless of title and person. We participate at market surveys, determine our competition based solvency and constitute our wages policy. Adöksan provides its employees with benefits such as lunch, service and social security contribution. Furthermore, we reward our colleagues’ creative, innovative ideas, extraordinary successes and devotion.

Setting off with the principles continuous learning and improvement, Adöksan aspires to retain its learning organization culture with contemporary methods and technologies and thus reaching its targets. At Adöksan, in line with the training principles; we analyze training requirements in detail, design the learning process, organize training sessions by employing internal and external resources and measure and evaluate the results. We meet the learning needs of the new and present employees, so that they can carry out their tasks with maximum performance. For this objective, we organize the trainings related to the techniques, qualifications, job and language skills they might require. Mastership and experience are two important values for us. Adöksan both serves the purposes of learning and personal development and enables sharing of learned material. Thanks to these, we constitute a corporate memory where information and experience are both stored and retransferred. Our most important information source is our experienced managers. The number of managers and other employees who support as internal trainers and specialists increases day by day. For expert topics which cannot be met inside the company, we get continuous support from external resources.