Another service that Adöksan offers at the customer's request is the assembly of components. Customers prefer this for cost reasons and to streamline their own production processes. As an example, an assembly line was set up for a customer to assemble and check for leaks 30,000 parts per day.

Depending on customer requirements and agreements, various levels of sub-assembly or even complete assembly are possible. For a high-tech application, a new robotized production line with the following high-precision operations was implemented: plasma cleaning, electro press riveting, LASER-based dimensional control, part-by-part identification by DATAMATRIX, computer-controlled interlocked process and part flow across several work stations.

Adöksan also meets customers' cleanliness requirements. An assembly line in a semi-clean room already exists in order to meet the existing cleanliness requirements. It is possible to build a complete clean room according to the requirements of the new projects.

In addition, Adöksan has a cleanliness laboratory to continuously monitor the degree of cleanliness during the process.