Our Vision

To become a comprehensible , all-encompassing  and accountable solution partner for all key players in the industry in the long-term and to become the best-in-class innovative and creative provider in the sectors served: through sustainable and customer-oriented manner, expanded skills and know-how in the relevant sectors and finally to become a multi-faceted full-service and module provider.


Our Mission

Adöksan is committed to creating long-term value for all business partners and offering sustainable high-pressure die-cast aluminum products and relevant value-added services with a very high quality and price-performance ratio through the use of the latest innovative technologies and methods and compliance with the latest environmental, social and quality standards.


Our Values

  • Value-Driven Sustainable Growth:
    • Highest quality standards with the goal of 0 PPM
    • Long-term and stable business relations with all partners, commitment to sustainable development through responsible supply chain management to ensure value-added products, services and solutions
    • Besides our company, also contributing to the sustainable development of the die casting industry on (inter)national basis
  • Innovation, Quality and Technology:
    • Maintaining the best-in-class innovation, quality and technology through the right investment with the right timing and providing sustainable aluminum die casting products, services and solutions to all business partners
    • Green and digitalized transformation and capacity building for sustainable economic growth
  • Customer Satisfaction:
    • Long-term, strong and sustainable relationships and cooperation with customers for continuous improvement, ensuring mutual understanding of the needs and expectations, strategy, organization and people and providing competitive advantage
    • Providing as much sustained value and service as possible for keeping customer satisfaction at the highest level
  • Environmental and Social Responsibility:
    • Responsible aluminum die casting production that is compassionate towards environment and minimizing our ecological footprint by prioritizing resource efficiency, low-carbon and circular economy
    • Dedicated to working with fair, honest, reliable, accountable, transparent and ethical approach in both internal and external matters
    • Committed to creating sustained value for both our employees and our community in an inclusive, diverse and participatory approach
    • Being the most preferred die casting company with significant investment in human resources processes by supporting continuous development of employees’ knowledge and skills, encouraging team spirit and cooperation, and providing a healthy and safe workplace environment
    • Striving for positive contribution to the society by promoting a healthy, fair and equalitarian  company culture in all fields of activity we interact with while fostering cultural, gender and national diversity. 

Adoksan's Mission and Vision Statement Document