01 Design & Engineering

Providing the right engineering solutions is Adöksan's core competence. Adöksan's approach to project design dictates maximum collaboration with technical teams of customers from conceptualization through to in-process implementation. When requested, Adöksan takes the role of co-designer for customers giving full technical support during the development of new products until the part is suitable for serial production.

To achieve the best possible results, Adöksan uses modern CAD-Software such as SOLIDWORKS, CATIA, CREO as well as ANYCAST as simulation programs. Tool designs are approved based on flow and particle tracing simulations.
Machining is a process of strategic importance for Adöksan. Hence, design of machining process is critical. Adöksan determines the optimum fixture and cutting tool concepts and calculates machining cycle time very accuretly in the quotation phase.

Machining is a process of strategic importance for Adöksan. Hence, design of machining process is critical. Adöksan determines the optimum fixture and cutting tool concepts and calculates machining cycle time very accuretly in the quotation phase.

The state of the art CT Software enables Adöksan’s Engineering Department to collaborate with the Quality Department while prototyping, allowing the matching of the 3d model with the measurement results and co-optimizing the design.

02 Melting

Melting is the first and a very critical step in die casting. Our energy efficient furnaces and careful handling of metals ensure the highest quality of molten aluminum.

To ensure the best quality, Adöksan procures a large portion of aluminum bars from Italy.

8 melting furnaces for EN AC 46000, 47100, 44300, 43400, 44500 with a total of 10,000kg / h.

Degassing is a critical step in die casting as air trapped in the molten metal must be kept to a minimum to avoid porosity. Instead of degassing in the individual pots, aluminum is degassed centrally, which increases the effectiveness of the process and at the same time increases efficiency.

03 Die Casting

Adöksan’s die casting machine park is composed of 27 machines in the range of 160 tons to 1.350 tons enabling Adöksan to cast parts with weights ranging from 30gr to 18 kg.

Use of state of the art machinery (Idra, Bühler, Italpresse) enables excellent process control and casting of most complicated parts.

Fully automated casting cells, equipped with robot, spraymat and automatic ladle, offer the advantage of unparalleled process consistency, precision, efficiency and reduced labor cost.

Tooling is an essential determinant of successful die-casting. In order to ensure design and manufacture of the right tools for the most challenging projects, Adöksan collaborates with several long-term partners, tool producers in Brescia, Italy.

Adöksan continuously invests in latest technology. As an example, Adöksan has successfully adopted the multi-channel mold cooling unit which regulates the temperature of 12 different points of the tool concurrently from each other enabling excellent results even for the most complex designs.

Jet cooling, chill vents are among other advanced tools with which Adöksan has achieved substantial results.

To extend the die casting capacity of Adöksan, a new foundry has been built. With this new foundry, the casting capacity has been significantly increased in 2024 and the machine park has expanded by new machines with a clamping force of up to 3.300 tons, making large castings with shot weights up to 60kg possible.

04 Surface Treatment

A variety of techniques such as vibration deburring / polishing, sandblasting and shot peening are used for surface treatment.

In addition to traditional processes, Adöksan uses thermal deburring, as required by a special customer project.

Thermal deburring is a unique process that is only used by a limited number of manufacturers worldwide. Thermal explosions are used to remove the finest burrs in the inaccessible inner areas of the parts.

05 Machining

The machining park of Adöksan consists of 60 machines, including horizontal and vertical machining centers, multi-point drilling and thread milling, milling, drilling, lathe, and grinding machines for processing the raw parts most efficiently according to customer requirements.

Adöksan is continuously increasing the machining capacity. The second plant focuses on machining and other value-added services and was established in 2013. The machine park is to be expanded significantly in the coming years in line with the new projects.

Since machining capabilities are a central element of Adöksan's competitive strategy, machining technology is one of the most important investment areas for Adöksan. Horizontal machining centers, state-of-the-art fixture concepts, and innovative special purpose machines with top technology intend to position Adöksan as the preferred supplier of machined products.

06 Coating

Coating on aluminum parts is applied for different reasons such as protection against corrosion, improved sealing (better leakage prevention) and improvement of visual condition.

Increasingly, our customers ask us to deliver parts in coated condition. Consequently, Adöksan has established anodizing, chromatization and powder coating lines in-house as requested by our customers. Teflon and KTL coating are also available upon request.

07 Assembly

Another service that Adöksan offers at the customer's request is the assembly of components. Customers prefer this for cost reasons and to streamline their own production processes. Examples of already established assembly lines' capacity range upto assembly and leaktesting of 30,000 parts per day.

Depending on customer requirements and agreements, various levels of sub-assembly or even complete assembly are possible. For a high-tech application, a new robotized production line with the following high-precision operations was implemented: plasma cleaning, electro press riveting, LASER-based dimensional control, part-by-part identification by DATAMATRIX, computer-controlled interlocked process and part flow across several work stations.

Adöksan also meets customers' cleanliness requirements. An assembly line in a semi-clean room already exists in order to meet the existing cleanliness requirements.

A state of the art clean room to meet most strict standards of ISO Class 8 in Automotive is being established. The specific high tech chamber washing machine is already commissioned, the clean room is currently being implemented.

In addition, Adöksan has a modern cleanliness laboratory to continuously monitor the degree of cleanliness during the process. The accreditation of the laboratory is already planned.

08 FSW - Friction Stir Welding

FSW (Friction Stir Welding) is an highly innovative welding technology especially important for applications with very strict leakage requirements such as for e-vehicle components.

Adoksan has long years experience in this field with its strong partners. Soon it is planned to implement this welding technology inhouse.